Announcing InvestCluj brand ambassador: Mr. Bogdan Herea, Founder and CEO of PitechPlus

As one of the most recognized francophone figures from Cluj, Bogdan has a lot in common with InvestCluj. He has, throughout his career, supported various projects (start-ups, an IT academy, business club to name a few) pushing the bar ever higher, something which resonates with InvestCluj. His professional commitment to technological innovation, as well as his support for inclusivity beyond gender is also in sync with our core ideology of nurturing diversity. We are glad to have Bogdan Herea as our brand ambassador to represent InvestCluj and the city.

About Bogdan

Bogdan returned to Romania from 13 years living in France with a pressing desire to innovate. In 2006 he founded his own IT company, PitechPlus, and became an entrepreneur.

In 2014, Bogdan expanded his entrepreneurial efforts again by changing the group operational strategy from only services, to services and products, because he believes that to innovate is to progress. He has created business and digital solutions for clients worldwide and been involved in different industries by co-funding companies and start-ups.



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As a father of three children and a full-time entrepreneur, time plays an important role in his life. This is why he supports the start-ups he really believes in, the ones that have the potential to improve our lives. These have included ventures as varied as a start-up that promises a better and more complete parking solution, faster service in any restaurant and a platform that helps keep bills under control. In the past year, he aims to develop City 4.0, an urban mobility solution catering to the needs of local administration and citizens for greener city life.

He believes education is a force that can change the world, so he has invested in the most innovative school, ACADEMY+PLUS, that follows the curricula of the prestigious 42 School in Paris, founded by the telecoms magnate Xavier Niel. Their common aim is to train and shape world-class programmers and tech entrepreneurs.

If you asked Bogdan what has been the key to success for his company, he would tell you that behind the hard work and attention to all the stakeholders, he has always showed gratitude and care for his employees.

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